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12 Useful Examination Tips

Examination is necessary for students as it is a source to know about their progress in each year or in an academic session. It is a way to check how students implement the knowledge they have gained into their lives. With these exams, the students try to recall and retain the knowledge they have learned and understand the concepts better. In order to pass these examinations the students need to study hard as well as follow these few tips.

12 Useful examination tips

1. Study regularly

Every at least two or three hours which could include learning the previous lessons and solving some math sums, writing skills of English or any other language. One should make a proper schedule and follow it strictly.

2. Prepare notes

Preparing your own handwritten notes proves to be an effective way for studying. One might personally read the lessons at home and mark all the important points in it. Or the student might even take running notes while the teacher is explaining in the class. This will help the child to get proper explanation and examples of the content being taught.

3. Study in sequence

Students need to prioritize their subjects. The ones that they find to be easy could be covered later whereas the subjects which they think are difficult need to be catered everyday.

4. Physically fit

A healthy mind works at its best when the body is physically fit. A student should be keen on physical fitness and must practice yoga, meditation, sports or any activity that helps them to gain a fit body.

5. Power naps

As much focus is needed in order to study, so is relaxation too. One needs to give it’s mine and body power naps for a few minutes. This will make them feel fresh once they wake up and can get back to their studies once again with more attention and dedication.

6. Revision

Revising the topic is a must. Generally, students revise the content just before the exam begins but that’s completely wrong. Instead, they need to revise the topics right after they are taught in school. This will clear all grounds of doubts there and then itself and if not then the child can approach the teacher ahead for more clarification and explanation.

7. Relax your mind

Being stressed and panicking before an exam will not be beneficial in any way. So when you are appearing for the exam you need to keep your mind relaxed and just practice breathing exercises for a few minutes.

8. Solve previous papers

Students can find the important questions in the previous year papers and this will help them to give their attention on the important topics. Doing smart work is more fruitful than doing hard work.

9. Beauty sleep

Eight hours of sleep is necessary for a human body to function smoothly. Every child needs to follow a proper sleep schedule so as to be able to perform well in the upcoming exams.

10. Sincerity

Try to be sincere in school and answer all the questions asked by your teacher. Practice math sums regularly. Be a good listener and read as much as you can. Increase your knowledge through theoretical and practical experiences.

11. Writing practice

Often we know the answer but lack the ability to put it down on paper. May be due to lack of time or an inability to recall the answer. In order to avoid these things students need to practice writing. This will help them complete their paper in the given amount of time.

12. Creating a study environment

Creating a proper study environment is essential. We need to keep the kids away from distractions like mobile phones, televisions, games or anything that keeps the students away from focusing on our studies. Having a calm and quiet environment would help us score more.


One must study daily at a fixed time. Intake healthy food, have proper sleep, and find ways to identify what is your learning style. Whether you are an audio, visual or kinesthetic learner. And make sure you try to learn using the same technique. This will enable you to get better results and retain the information for a lifetime.

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