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14 Tips to Manage to be a Star Student at School

The only way you could be a star student would be by being a good student. An idealistic student would possess the qualities like exceptional academic achievements, having good attendance, showing respect for the school and authority, exemplary personal and social qualities, etc.
The term STAR stands for –
S – Stay focused
T – Take your time
A – Answer every question
R – Review your work

Here are 14 Tips to Manage to be a Star Student at School.

1. Be attentive

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You should be attentive while the teacher is teaching. If you miss an important point then you will surely have a hard time understanding points related to it, so you should be attentive all throughout the class.

2. Be helpful to everyone

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A student should help everyone because it’s for their own good. The moment you help one person in the class, suddenly you turn out to make a good friend that would last a lifetime.

3. Be punctual

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Practicing punctuality at an early age would develop a habit of completing everything on time. You should make sure to complete your Homework and projects on time and not keep pushing them ahead. Piling up your work would only make it turn into heaps and make it difficult to finish.

4. Take notes

Take notes
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Taking running notes will be an effective way to score and acquire the highest amount of knowledge. By doing so you wouldn’t forget things and will not have a hard time learning or listing the points too.

5. Passion for knowledge

Passion for knowledge
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It shouldn’t be that the teacher is constantly bombarding you with information and you have no interest in learning. Instead, a child should demonstrate curiosity and make the most of the opportunities to learn, improve, and innovate.

6. Regular attendance

Regular attendance
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Showing up on time to school every day can help students develop the habit of being punctual. Regular attendance shows their commitment to learning and reduces the chances of missing out on any information.

7. Be respectful, kind and supportive

Be respectful, kind and supportive
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We learn a lot about showing respect to elders in our school days but that isn’t just for us to read and answer but for us to practice in our actions too. We need to be kind to everyone as an act of kindness goes a long way. Also being supportive towards the progress of our classmates would be much appreciated.

8. Be responsible

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In order to be a star student we should act responsibly in every possible way. Some acts of these are wearing proper neat and clean uniforms, keeping your work up to date, submitting homework and assignments on time, preparing well in advance for exams, etc.

9. Use Golden words

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Using golden words like Thank you and Sorry creates a good image as this expresses your behavior to be gentle. Since grade 1 we are taught about these words but we often tend not to use them. Well if one brings them into practice they could see actual miracles happening around them.

10. Don’t talk back

Don't talk back
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A child should always know their limits and when and when not to answer back. One should behave like a child as they are, listening to adults is of utmost importance. You might have an urge to speak up, but at times you need to be patient, hear them out, and then put forward your points in the right way at the right time.

11. Be confident

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Yes, that’s right! Confidence is the key to achieving success. A confident person would always be preferred over one who is under-confident. You need to make people realize that you can do it, they can trust you, you can bring a change, and that you are the perfect person to get the task done. Once they feel confident about you they will surely look forward to having you on board always.

12. Be a Team Player

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A leader is not the one who gets things done from the team but he is the one who works along with the team to achieve a common goal. You need to make sure that everyone on your team is heard, they feel a part of the process and have an important position in every happening of the event/work.

13. Be honest

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“Honesty is the best policy.” As it’s widely said. Because to hide one lie you need to come up with 100 other lies and that would get you into more trouble. Whereas just being honest for once would save you that much hustle.

14. Have self-control

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Being in the tender age we might get attracted to the wrong things but that’s where we need to control ourselves. A mistake done once would turn out to be a habit for a lifetime. You must learn to say ‘No’. Not everything has to be about having fun and a cool persona instead you should even be aware of where to draw a line.

To become stars, students want to focus on their studies when it matters while also taking breaks when they need them. Students should manage time wisely. They should be well-mannered, disciplined, loving, thoughtful, loyal, active, sincere, team players, responsible, etc.

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