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11 Things To Avoid Before Going To Bed

So you want to sleep like a baby? It may be a lot easier than you think, but you must make quality sleep a priority after discarding things to avoid before going to bed. By knowing exactly the things to avoid before going to bed, you can create a target to aim for. First, let’s talk about what all factors into a good night’s rest.

As we have already discussed what you do before going to bed can play a big role in the quality of sleep you get. This is why winding down a nighttime ritual with things to avoid before going to bed can be very helpful.  It turns out there are a few simple and easy hacks you can do to increase the quality of your sleep. What is your sleeping environment like? Is it comfortable, cool, and quiet? Let’s start with your bedroom.

11 Things To Avoid Before Going To Bed

1. Screens (Phones, TV, Tablets, Electronics)

The blue light emitted from these devices will disrupt the production of melatonin in your body. If you absolutely must use a device, consider wearing blue blocker glasses to block the blue light from hitting your eyes. You can also set most phones in a “night shift” that dims the light and gives it a warmer glow. For laptops and desktops, you can download Flux for free. It basically makes your screen display adapt the color to the time of day and is added among things to avoid before going to bed. It will make the colors warmer at night to avoid blue light emission.

2. Large Meals

It is always advised to get a light meal after the dark. When talking about things to avoid before going to bed, food is something you should avoid eating more than your body can cope with. Therefore, even before going to bed eating too much can make you feel bloated and full. It will help you not be uncomfortable by taking a lighter meal while keeping in mind to incorporate quality food that is easier to digest.

Also, it is important to cut sugary or too much spicy food. This might tingle your taste bud but is very much responsible for disturbing your sleep. Rather you can opt for what to eat when you can’t sleep, which will help you better.

3. Alcohol

Clubbing and partying can sound fun, but doing too much or staying up late at night to party can affect your sleeping style. So, get to know what to eat when you can’t sleep and better you include it as things to avoid before going to bed. Booze will make you feel drowsy but it comes at a price. It will reduce the amount of REM sleep you get. Try to lay off the drinks about two to three hours before bed.

4. Caffeine

Too much coffee can definitely make you more active not only throughout the day but also at night. So it is a must one, that should fall into things to avoid before going to bed. It is not just the coffee, but also anything that contains caffeine will stimulate your body and make falling asleep more difficult. Therefore, this should be avoided at least six hours before bed.

5. Too much water

It is universally acclaimed throughout the globe that drinking more water a day would help you cope with a lot of things, including clear skin. Therefore, hydration is important for your health but drinking too much before bed can cause you to wake up during the night to use the restroom.

6. Nicotine

Besides all the other negative health benefits of smoking and nicotine use, it can also hinder your sleep. Nicotine is a stimulant and can make falling asleep difficult. It is obviously among the things not to do before bed. It is also suggested that you should not smoke at all or at least not before going to bed.

7. Worry

Lots of restless nights have been created by worry. If something is bothering you try to find a way to resolve it before bed. If it is completely out of your control, focus on the things you can control and would not be things not to do before bed that are likely your thoughts, words, and actions. Therefore, it is definitely a thing to avoid before going to bed.

8. Arguments

Fighting can elevate cortisol, that too, it is done with your close ones, you tend not to easily forget what had happened in between you two or more. If you go by the sleeping tips, fighting would trigger other stress hormones that will make falling asleep more difficult. Resolve arguments when possible. 

9. Work-Related Tasks

As per sleeping tips are concerned, thinking about work and the tasks you have to do the next day are recipes for a restless night. Everything has its place and time. Working is not a healthy thing to do before bed. So you should discard this section among other things to avoid before going to bed.

10. Starting a Conversation

Try to avoid starting conversations later in the night. When you are trying to sleep and your phone starts vibrating or buzzing it can be a distraction. The anticipation of waiting for a reply can make falling asleep seem impossible at times. This will stimulate your cortisol level and keep you awake until it’s almost late at night.

11. Workout

Working out has always been a good idea but not just before going to bed. You need to calm your muscles and not excite your body unless you want to stay wide awake by doing things to avoid before going to bed like an intense workout. So it is definitely not a healthy thing to do before bed.

So now you know almost all the necessary things to avoid before going to bed. Sleeping is a pivotal part of keeping you going with your work better in every aspect of your life. If you stay up late doing nothing productive, then you should start checking your routine and seek a healthy lifestyle along with good sleeping tips.


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