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10 Things That Will Become a Luxury in the Future

We humans take a lot of things in our day-to-day lives for granted. We are used to the behaviour of not being thankful for the things around us that make our lives easy and livable. In reality, most of these things that we are using in our daily lives are a luxury that can only be afforded by a few people.

10 Things That Will Become a Luxury in the Future

1. Privacy

After the whole fiasco of WhatsApp updating its privacy policy, it has now been clear that privacy is a luxury. Our personal data being stored and sold to various people without even our consent is very dangerous and can cause various problems in the future. Be it your emails or your google search history, everything is being stored. To remain private is soon going to cost you a lot.

2. Fresh Air

Whatever you see in some of the science fiction movies that people carrying oxygen cylinders with them in the future is going to be true very soon. With the rate at which we are polluting the air and the atmosphere, it is no doubt that fresh air will soon become a luxury for us. The time is not far when we will have to buy a bottle of fresh air from the market just like we buy a water bottle. The privilege of having fresh air around you makes you one of the luckiest people.

3. Clear Sky

This has to be one of the things that people take for granted. Ask those who live in metropolitan cities how long has it been since they have seen a perfect blue sky in the daytime and a sky full of stars at night. The answer will not at all be shocking. Millions of people breathe this harmful air every day and live in an atmosphere full of pollution and smog. The damage it is doing to your body is dangerous. Countries like Nepal, India, etc, have a severe issue of air pollution.

4. Clean Water

It might be shocking to you but according to a report, every 1 out of 3 people in the world does not have access to clean drinking water. A lot of kids die on a daily basis because of water-borne diseases and lack of treatment. It is frightening, isn’t it? People who have access to freshwater waste it on a regular basis without having an inch of guilt inside them. On the contrary, there are millions of people who are still struggling for this. It’s high time we understand the importance of freshwater as it is a basic human right and everyone must have it. Save water, save lives.

5. Topsoil

People do not even pay attention to such things until they actually start causing a problem to them. The loss of topsoil on a regular basis is going to harm us a lot and soon it will become a luxury for us. Due to the constant deforestation and natural calamities like floods, tsunami, etc., topsoil is disappearing. According to a report, in the last 150 years, our earth has lost half of the topsoil, which is very alarming. If even now we do not take some constructive steps to protect it, within no time we are going to starve as the food production will be hampered.

6. Time

The more you talk about its importance, the less it is. Most of us spend our time on things that are urgent instead of spending our time on the things that are important. Time is just like sand, no matter how tightly you wanna hold onto it, you will never be able to grab it. So, instead of that, spend your time using it effectively. Time is a luxury so we need to take it seriously and spend it wisely.

7. Swimming in the water bodies

Swimming in the water bodies like beaches, lakes, rivers, etc, will soon become a luxury for us. The reason is the high rate of water pollution. Every year billions of polluting substances like plastics, home wastage, etc, are dumped into the ocean. It has already started harming the aquatic animals and it is soon going to disturb human lives too.

8. Non-renewable resources

Non-renewable resources like petrol, coal, natural gas, etc, are soon going to become a luxury. We are consuming those at a rapid rate and in some time, we will be left with nothing. Using excess non-renewable resources, we aren’t just exhausting it for our future generation, but also polluting our environment. According to a report, we will lose all of these resources by the end of 2060. However, if we continue using it like this and if the demand rises then we might lose it way before that.

9. Endangered animals

As we all know animals are a very important part of our ecosystem and they balance our food chain, but due to several reasons like deforestation, lack of food, lack of shelter, and growing human population, a lot of animal species are on the verge of extinction. The time is not very far when we will only be left with pictures of tigers and rhinoceros to show to our children.

10. High-end restaurants

Yes, that’s right. By this time, a global pandemic like covid has taught us how several things can become a luxury for humans. High-end restaurants are one such thing. Schools, colleges, traveling, parties, etc, have already become a luxury for us. So, if you are waiting for the time when you will physically visit a restaurant and have your food served, then be prepared for the consequences too.


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