Lifestyle13 Reasons Why Living in Villages is a Blessing in Disguise

13 Reasons Why Living in Villages is a Blessing in Disguise

Villages are the real treasure of India. It makes us connect to our actual roots and revive the lost Indian cultures. It feels like home whether you visit a village in any part of the Country. The people, cuisine, and the environment in the villages are pleasing and teeming with bountifulness.

In the midst of fierce battles of urbanization, villages give us calmness. Here are a few reasons why living in villages is a blessing.

13 Reasons Why Living in Villages is a Blessing in Disguise

1. Fresh food

Fresh food is a rarity. People living in cities live in the illusion of eating healthy while they are eating food filled with chemicals. Eating pure food is a luxury but if you are living in a village you are lucky to relish good and fresh food in every meal.

2. Clean atmosphere

Villages are synonyms to green and bountiful farms. The atmosphere is clean and free from pollution. People are seen on bicycles and usually on foot. The lifestyle of a villager makes the place clean and green.

3. Family life

People in cities stay in nuclear families due to financial and social reasons. But villages are filled with joint families, where festivals are still joyful and every day people eat together. This feature of a village makes people mentally and emotionally healthy because their families always back them.

4. People to take care

You will never be alone if you live in a village. This is because people never get tired of taking care of you. People do not leave you and every family member takes care of each other whenever there is any tough situation.

5. Never short of anything

There is enough for everyone in villages. Enough food in farms, because everyone has a mini farm in their houses and enough water, because there is the availability of clean water.

6. Simple life

Life is always simple in rural areas. There is not much awareness of technology and this is the biggest reason for people’s happiness and strong bonds. No distractions and disturbances are making the lives of everyone simple and happy. There is no pressure to live in a certain way or dress up in a certain manner making lives less of a competition and more happy.

7. No stress

There is no reason for stress. Although there are uncertain situations in every region be it a village or a city. But the level of stress in villages is comparatively less. People are more connected to nature and have direct bonding, unlike in the case of cities where you are connected through social media.

8. Away from noises

You will only hear the sounds of birds and animals. Horns and traffic police whistles are never heard in the village. No traffic jams cause noise pollution and silence prevails most of the time. This is the most gracious aspect of living in a village.

9. No pollution

As already told the lifestyle in the village is preventable and positive, this ultimately reduces the chance of pollution. There are no factories or traffic jams in villages. There are fewer sources of pollution and hence less or seemingly no pollution.

10. No negative thoughts

Since life is less hectic and there is no rush, people are away from negative thoughts. They are filled with positivity and enjoy their lives. Worry or problems give rise to negative thoughts, since these things are absent due to the habits of the people there is no scope of negative thoughts.

11. More reasons to exercise and be active

Using cycles and preferring to walk, using mortars and pestles at home and traditional pumps to channelise water makes life physically active. There are more reasons to exercise and stay healthy in villages than in cities.

12. Embrace the planet and the universe

When did you last see the sky filter with stars? Maybe in your village. City lights cover the real beauty of starry nights. But the skies in the village are open and one can embrace the beauty of open skies in villages.

13. No obsession with trends

Since they are not superficial people in villages are not obsessed with looking or dressing according to trends. There are no showrooms to lure people and no brands to advertise their supremacy over the others. Hence, life is simpler and more peaceful.

Villages are the soul of the country, no matter how much comfort you get in cities nothing can displace the rawness and purity of village life.


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