Lifestyle12 Products Are Cheaply Made But Are Sold At High Prices

12 Products Are Cheaply Made But Are Sold At High Prices

People do not even realize how much they spend on so many ordinary products. A basic thing like buying popcorn in a movie theatre sometimes costs you even more than the ticket. Did you know that there are many such things where we pay way more money than is required?

12 Products Are Cheaply Made But Are Sold At High Prices

1. Baby Clothing

You might be surprised, but it is true. Baby clothing is usually made at a much cheaper price and is sold at very high prices. However, the fabric used for this is very soft and gentle for the baby’s skin, but the brands sell it having a profit of up to 300%.

2. Pre-cut Fruits And Vegetables

Both of these things are sold at exorbitant prices in the market. They are generally cut into pieces because it was either misshaped or bruised. So, instead of selling it at lower prices, markets cut it up in pieces and sell it at even higher prices. Consumers still buy it for their convenience.

3. Designer Jeans

After baby clothing, other things that are sold at unbelievable prices are designer jeans. Buying normal jeans from any branded store can cost you 300% more than the actual price. 

4. Alcohols At Bars And Restaurants

We all know that the price of alcohol is much higher in bars and restaurants. A bottle of wine will cost you the same price as a glass of wine in a restaurant. The bars profit around 400-500% on this and they say that they are serving the consumers for their experience.

5. Prescription Drugs

Due to monopoly pricing, the price of prescription drugs is insane. According to a study, due to the lack of competition and regulations, it has become one of the main causes of this exorbitant price. 

6. Crocs

We can’t hide away from the fact how comfortable Crocs are for our feet. It is great daily wear but did you know that these are sold at monstrous prices? According to the report, these Crocs cost nothing to make but are sold at very high prices.

7. Bottled Water

This might not be as shocking for some of you people. The markup on bottled water is more than 2000%. So, it is always advisable to carry water from your home instead of buying it. It will also be helpful for the planet.

The moment you mention a wedding, the prices of the products and services automatically rise, be it the flowers, cake, parlor services, catering, wedding cake, venue, etc. The same things will cost you very little comparatively if you are buying them for any other occasion.

9. Face Masks

Due to the covid pandemic, now everyone needs a mask. It has become a huge market and the companies are making a huge profit out of it. These things have around 500% of markup and are hence taking complete advantage of the situation.  

10. Eye Glasses Frames

It is ridiculous to charge a massive price for just a small piece of plastic frame. Eyeglasses frames are one of those things that are very cheaply made but are sold at higher prices. Consumers pay almost 20 times more than the actual price of the frames and it is insane.

11. Takeout Coffee/Tea

As much as we realize the need of taking caffeine, the fact that takeout coffee/tea costs way more bucks is also not hidden. Researchers show that brands make around 500-600% profit on these things. 

12. Mattresses

Owning perfect mattresses that give your body complete rest is a huge deal. Mattresses are a very important thing for our daily life as we spend a good 7-8 hours a day on them. It is also important to own a comfortable mattress because this helps our body to relax properly and get ready for the coming day. It is a kind of investment and companies get an excellent profit margin on this product. The manufacturing cost is way less than the price it is sold at every day.

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