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10 Movies That Will Make You Plan A Trip With Friends

At least once, all of us made a plan to travel with our friends because we knew how much we loved each other. We all planned to go on those trips with our friends, either trekking at Manali or beer at Goa. But guess what? Just like everyone else, when school or college came to an end, we all forgot about that plan and became a mature person who is too busy making himself.

Some of us badly wanted to go on that trip, but the plan got canceled every time. And we don’t need to feel bad about that because after school or college, life changes, as we are in different places, we don’t have anything in common to discuss. So, the communication gap and grudges are obvious.

10 Movies That Will Make You Plan A Trip With Friends

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Let’s start with the best. Undoubtedly, ZNMD is one movie that comes to our mind when we think about traveling. This movie actually sets #travelgoals. It teaches us everything, from living our life to the fullest to challenging our fear, from learning how to give priority to our relations still cutting ourselves some slack.

The movie has shot in the beautiful background of Spain, which will also add some new things to our to-do lists. Like the movie’s name says, we only live once and ZNDM is the perfect source to activate your travel bug.

2. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

This is my favorite movie because you don’t need any foreign trips or stay in expensive hotels to have a fantastic traveling experience. Sometimes, a trip to the mountains is enough to make you reconsider your position in life and what you actually want from life. This is one of the all-time movies one can never be bored with it, and you will enjoy it more and more.

Every character in the movie is so amazing, which will definitely remind you of your mates and make you pack your bags, call your friends, and board a train to the mountains. The film’s first half was shot in Gulmarg, Kashmir, which portrays Manali, and the second in Udaipur. The movie is based on friendship, love, and relationship, and love for travel.

3. Into The Wild

You must be thinking about how this movie sets travel goals. Released in 2007, this movie is based on a book. This movie has been shot in North America and the Adventures in Alaska. It shows Colorado, Los Angeles, California, and Mexico. Yes, the movie is not about a holiday with friends, but it can be an initiative to make an adventure in North America along with your friends.

4. Dil Chahta Hai

We all have planned a trip to Goa, but it always got canceled in one way or the other. Goa is one destination to chill with your friends. The movie has defined friendship for youth. It’s the perfect movie to watch with your friends, to convert that plan to a spontaneous trip. It perfectly defines the beauty of the road when you are with friends, the bond you create while on a trip, and the memories you cherish.

5. Monte Carlo

Story of three girls traveling with a low budget in Paris who suddenly get a chance to live in Monte Carlo for a super-glam, celebrity-style summer vacation. They have been saving for a trip to head out of their small town and experience the world. Girls must watch this movie with their Girl gang and plan an amazing trip just like Grace. And yeah, start saving for it.

6. The Motorcycle Diaries

This movie will make you want to hop on your motorcycle and hit the road alone or with a best friend. It covers the personal journey of the character as well as the various characters he meets from different social statuses in his continental trek. Through his encounters, he learns to view the world differently. This movie is more about finding your call in life through the means of traveling and exploring.

7. Queen

This movie justifies the statement that unplanned trips are the best, and you don’t need plans to travel. For every group of friends or a curious explorer who could never go to their dream destination because the plan never worked out due to many reasons, Queen is just the right inspiration for them. The film has been shot in amazing backdrops of Paris and Amsterdam. It teaches us – all you need for a memorable vacation is a passport, a ticket, and some of the enthusiasm.

8. Desperados

Well, this is new and must watch movie. This is an entirely insane movie, just like a lead character. A panicked woman rushes to Mexico on an unplanned trip with her best friends to delete a ranting email she sent to her new boyfriend. This movie tells how sometimes, a few days with your friends or some stranger can help you realize who you are and what you are trying to be.

9. Sex And The City 2

Don’t judge a movie by its name. This is the most loving and hilarious movie that shows the true friendship of girls. When they become tired of dealing with the pressure of life and desire a break, they join their one more friend in Abu Dhabi. It provides just the right dose of inspiration on how to convert your girl’s night out into an unplanned girl gang vacation.

10. Letters To Juliet

This one is the best romance travel film of this century. It begins in Verona at Shakespeare’s Juliet balcony before traveling around the world in search of a long-lost love. This movie has everything one can look for with beautiful backdrops of Italy.

Here, I end my blog with my all-time favorite movies and I hope now you will plan a trip with a pact or go on a trip to your dream destination. So, this time, try to make your dream trip a reality and be the next inspiration for the others out there.

Sometimes, when we get free from our too much busy life, we do binge-watching. There are some movies that will make you miss that golden time and call your old buddies. When you call, don’t forget to sort out all the grudges and plan a trip which you once promised to each other. Trust me, even if you have traveled the whole world still this trip is going to be one of the best trips, not because you are going to the best place because you are going with the best ones.

For all those readers who are still in college or school, don’t think that you can’t relate to this text. Hey, you can relate, okay? These movies will help you to plan a trip for the future, and please make a pact as it will make sure nobody cancels the plan. These movies are my favorites and I hope you all will like it.

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