LifestyleLearn 20 Most Useful Tricks Just In One Minute

Learn 20 Most Useful Tricks Just In One Minute

What if you were told that the tasks could be completed in just one minute? Surprised! How might useful hacks be picked up so quickly? You should learn this skill so that you can utilize it for the rest of your life. Tricks require accuracy to learn, much like magic. Are you prepared to learn something incredible and fascinating? Here are some amazing and fascinating tips and tricks you could employ in your daily life and make your life simple.

Learn 20 Most Useful Tricks Just In One Minute

1. Preserve your phone’s battery life

Simply turn off your WiFi anytime you leave the house to prolong the life of your phone’s battery. Battery life will be preserved as a result. Your battery will be drained if you leave your phone’s network connectivity turned on since it will continually try to connect to the network.

2. Your computer’s split screen

Did you know that you can divide your screen into two, You can easily split your computer screen into two separate displays with just a few simple shortcuts using a single keyboard key. To split the screen to the right, simultaneously press the window icon key with the right arrow Isn’t that easy? This is incredibly helpful for instructors who take online courses

3. Always ask yourself “Why?”

Use “Why” if you truly want a large and great potential payout. You can use this to deliberate before making a decision. Start with “Why” while making decisions that will influence your life, For instance, why am I exercising every day, eating junk food, or doing yoga? You can find the answers to all of your whys by asking questions of yourself.

4. Reduce ink usage while printing

This easy tip will help you use less ink. To do this, you must switch the text’s color from black to grey. When printing in greyscale, will speed up the process and use less ink. Additionally, you are preventing environmental waste.

5. Change the text case in the Word document

Using the keyboard shortcuts shift and F3, you can easily change the text case in a Word document. Press shift+F3 once to convert all text to uppercase, again to convert it to lowercase, and three times to convert the first letter of a sentence to capital letters.

6. Concentrating on how to maximize your day’s productivity

Establish daily priorities. Avoid checking your phone as soon as you get up in the morning; instead, concentrate on what matters most to you because your brain is more alert and able to make wise decisions in the morning.

7. Quickly charge your mobile device’s battery

You can quickly charge your smartphone battery. Your phone must be in flight mode for you to proceed. The mobile battery will charge faster than usual.

8. Work out while you’re at your desk

If you’re working a lot and want to relax your muscles, take a break and exercise while you’re at your desk. For this, you must apply intense pressure with both hands, putting pressure on the pectoral, shoulders, and arms. Your muscles will get stronger using this easy and quick technique.

9. Catch the lies

It’s not a good idea to tell if someone is lying by their body language or eye contact. When someone is lying, you should watch how they respond. If they delay, give long explanations, or don’t respond at all, there is a likelihood that they are lying. and you can spot the lie with this easy method.

10 Mirror exercises to increase self-confidence

This is the most effective and straightforward strategy for boosting confidence. Face the mirror while speaking in a variety of voices and facial expressions. Stand in front of the mirror and make a simile to perk up your day and make you feel more energised. You can also use this mirror trick to make your day more cheerful.

11. Eye exercise

We spend the majority of our time using computers, laptops, or smartphones today. Your eyes are under constant strain as a result of this. Take regular breaks at regular intervals, and during such breaks, relax your eyes for one minute. Roll your eyes, look up, down, left, and right five times. Place lightly over your eyes for around 20 seconds after rubbing both of your palms together. Lo! You’ll have calm eyes. Additionally, it tones your eye muscles.

12: Recalling the names of all the planets

We frequently forget the names of our planets, but by memorising this short phrase, you may recall all the names by this planetary mnemonic:
“My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas”. The first letter of each word represents the name of the planets

13. Save on Air Fare

These days, airfares are skyrocketing. You’ll see that there is a small increase in the airfare every time you check for prices on airline websites. You will, however, truly receive the finest deal if you understand this straightforward approach. When looking for a flight, utilise incognito mode or a browser with an integrated VPN. Your search history will be hidden, and the cost won’t increase.

14. Save your phone

If you accidentally drop your phone in water, save it. Put it in the rice bag; there is no need to worry. The rice will soak up all the water, leaving your phone completely dry. Your mobile phone will be kept.

15. Sharpen your blunt knives

Sharpen your dull blades by lightly rubbing them against an iron rod. Your knives will be ready to slice anything easily and smoothly.

16. How to take care of yourself if you are kidnapped

God forbid! if you are kidnapped and the kidnappers have tied your hands and ankles with rope and taped your mouth. To remove the tape from your mouth, use a quick method, lick the tape until it comes off and call for assistance.

17. Falling asleep in one minute

You can fall asleep in one minute if you pick up a book and start reading, which may surprise you. Soon after you begin to feel sleepy, you will start to feel drowsy.

18. Test the life of your batteries

If you have AA and AAA batteries but are unsure whether one is okay, drop your batteries from 1 or 2 inches over the table. If the battery does not bounce or stand up, it is good; if it bounces and falls, it is dead.

19. How to remember to take your medication

Taking your medication on time is difficult. However, this tip can assist you in taking your medications or prescriptions on time. When taking medicines, tip your pill bottle upside down. Likewise, if you need to take it three times, you can vary the dosage by moving the container from left to right to centre.

20. Remove the onion and garlic odour from your finger

The onion and garlic odour can be rather disagreeable and irritating. Consequently, to eliminate this odour. Rub your hands on the stainless-steel items after washing them with soap and water.

All the above hacks need just less than a minute to learn and remember them for life. These simple tricks will make your life easy when you find yourself trapped in some difficult situation. So keep the brain updated by following the tricks.

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