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13 Dumbest Things That Only Rich People Buy

Rich people buy some of the craziest things. When you have a lot of money then it is obvious for you to spend your money on some of the most extravagant things. Most of the things will not even make sense to normal people. But it is what it is. They spend their money on something that might be very ridiculous to other people. Most of the things are that you cannot even imagine.

13 Dumbest Things That Only Rich People Buy

1. I’m rich app

These are some of the apps that cost you somewhere around $1000 only to download. Some of them also have hundreds of in-app purchases. And the craziest thing is that rich people are actually buying it.

2. Diamond Swarovski Crystal Dog Bathtub

A diamond Swarovski bathtub for your pet dog is a little too extravagant a thing to do. These bathtubs cost around $7000 and they are clearly ridiculously expensive.

3. Diamond teabag

Some rich are obsessed with tea and here comes this extraordinary teabag. This diamond-crusted teabag costs $14,000. It was purchased by a billionaire and the amount was given to a charity.

4. Gold Dildo

Now it is even possible to put a price on pleasure. Yes, you heard it right! This gold dildo costs you around $15,000 and it is covered in 24-carat gold. Also, there’s a Louis Vitton condom which costs you $68. Crazy, isn’t it?

5. Games

Rich people are also obsessed with games but their obsession is on another level. Their obsession with games goes beyond our imagination and some game maniac people can do the most extravagant thing that you cannot even believe. There are game boys available which are encrusted in 18-carat gold and diamonds and the price is around $25,000.

6. Gold shirt

If you have money, then you can surely do anything. A Maharashtra-based businessman once gifted himself a shirt made completely of gold. It weighed 4.5 kgs and it also required him, 4 bodyguards, to guard him every time he wore it. There are also several golds, diamonds, and various precious jewels studded gowns and coats available in the market. Rich people are obviously crazy about these things.

7. Luxury Ice Cubes

Yes, there’s also something called luxury ice cubes. It is made by a company named Glace and they sell per ice cube for $6. Each ice cube is perfectly hand-carved and it promises not to interfere with the taste of your premium drinks.

8. Gold Capsules

If you are someone who feels like they are not having enough gold in their diet then be like a rich kid. These 24-carat gold capsules cost somewhere around $400-$500 per capsule. But sadly it does nothing. When you have money, you can make everything and anything expensive.

9. Ridiculous Expensive Cars For Kids

Buying ridiculously expensive cars for your kids is definitely a dumb idea. Your 2-year-old kid, who can’t even pronounce the name, doesn’t need that luxurious car with millions of dollars. Rich people often buy expensive cars for their kids just to make them feel luxurious and provide them with the most comfortable lifestyle. Billionaire Kylie Jenner also threw a million-dollar birthday party for her year daughter. Now that’s something a little too exorbitant.

10. Million Dollar Fishing Lure

Rich people spent millions of dollars on a fishing lure. It is made of 3000 platinum and gold and it also has almost 5000 rubies engraved in it. The cost of this is more than $1 million.

11. An entourage

When a kid of a billionaire wants to move out of their country, they are getting an entourage from their parents. The level of comfort is just incomparable and they also have many servants t your service 24 hours a day.

12. Meerkat Nanny

Billionaire’s pets get more love, care, and attention than most of us get. Billionaires also have an obsession with pet meerkats and their nannies at a high salary to look after them. There are proper job qualifications needed for such kind of position and obviously, they have thousands of applicants for it.

13. The crystal Ergoripado Vacuum Cleaner

You might be thinking what extraordinary does this vacuum cleaner do But the truth is, this $19000 vacuum cleaner does nothing extra as compared to a regular cleaner. But it has almost 4000 Swarovski crystals loaded on it which attracts rich people.


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