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13 Crazy Rich Asians You Should Know

I’m sure you must have seen or at least heard about this movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ What if I tell you that people like this are for real! There are actually such crazy rich people in Asia whose wealth and lavish lifestyle will blow your mind.

13 Crazy Rich Asians You Should Know

1. Wang Sicong

Wang Sicong is the only son of Wang Jianlin. Jianlin is a Chinese business tycoon who is the founder of the Dalian Wanda Group. He is all over on the social media page of Sicong’s. Be it posting pics with an iPhone 7 or flaunting his 18 carat gold apple watches. His father has a net worth of billions and they spend a huge amount of money on a single night out.

2. Ezra William

Ezra William is an Indonesian socialite, TV personality, and fashion blogger. He is currently based in New York and has more than 80k followers on Instagram. He is a self-confessed shopping addict and has an extravagant lifestyle. He has also starred in a TV series that was released back in 2016 named, ‘Rich Kids of Instagram.’

3. Kim Lim

Kim is the daughter of billionaire Peter Lim. She is a Singaporean and has around 300k followers on Instagram. Every pic on her social media is in a different outfit and that too wearing brands like Dior, Prada, etc. She was also in the news when Christiano Ronaldo showed up in the hospital when she gave birth to her first baby. People speculated that it was Ronaldo’s first child.

4. Dimash Adilet

This 25-year-old businessman is not just famous in real life but also has around 1.1 million followers on Instagram. His life is full of lavish holidays, classy outfits, luxury, and plenty of amazing things. He is also a philanthropist and is always seen encouraging his followers through his posts and captions.

5. Tien Nguyen

This Vietnamese 25-year-old woman is the daughter of billionaire Johnathan Hanh Nguyen. His company is the distributor for brands like Burberry, Armani, Versace, etc. She and her sister were one of the most high-profile corona cases due to travelling to Milan and Paris for fashion weeks.

6. Dhillon Lee

This 25-year-old man’s life is full of luxurious cars, sky diving, jet skis, speed boats, etc. He is a Singaporean businessman, an ocean lover, and a huge water baby. There’s no doubt that he works really hard for his money and also enjoys that fully. His lavish and extraordinary lifestyle will blow your mind.

7. Love Marie Escudero

This wealthy Asian is the wife of Francis Escudero. She is a Filipina actress, visual media artist, TV host, socialite, and philanthropist. She is also famously known as Heart Evangelist and has more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram. She often posts luxury stuff and is very talented too.

8. Jamie Chua

Jamie is a Singaporean and she is one of those people who has made it on her own. Her career started modelling as she had to support her family’s financial situation. She later got married to an Indonesian businessman Nurdian Cuaca and demanded huge alimony of $450k a month. Now she is showing off her huge wealth, her walking closet, and also has a huge collection of high-end bags.

9. Calista Cuaca

Calista is the elder daughter of Jamie Chua. She is a Singaporean influencer and is no less classy than her mother. She has over 300k followers on Instagram and can be seen showing her trendy outfits, unlike Jamie who focuses more on high-end stuff.

10. Chryseis Tan

Chryseis Tan is the daughter of a Malaysian billionaire Tan Sri Vincent Tan who is the chairman and CEO of Berjaya Group. She has more than 450k followers on Instagram. Chryseis is the CEO of Berjaya Times Square Berhad and her lifestyle is nothing but full of luxury and lavish stuff.

11. Kane Lim

This 31-year-old crazy rich Asian made his first million when he was only 20. He is also one of the cast members of Bling Empire. It is an American TV series that focuses mainly on filthy rich Asians or American-Asian socialites based in LA. He has more than 450k followers on Instagram and his clothes and accessories are full of high-end brands like Moschino, Louboutin, Chanel, etc.

12. Arissa Cheo

This 38-year-old Singaporean socialite is a fashion entrepreneur. She has two Instagram accounts and has more than 350k and 90k followers on those accounts. She is the daughter of a Singaporean billionaire Cheo Tong Choon who has a family business of edible oil refinery. She also calls herself an anti-fairy tale heroine and being the firstborn kid, she is the heiress of her family business.

13. Feiping Chang

Feiping Chang is a Hong Kong-based socialite. She is also a fashion influencer and a blogger and has more than 80k followers on Instagram. Her lavish lifestyle and luxurious clothes are a depiction of her filthy rich background. She has lived in Singapore, America, and Australia and is an alma mater of the New York University.


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