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20 Best Dog Breeds For First-Time Owners

Getting a dog is quite a responsible step one could take. Suppose you’re considering dogs for first-time owners. In that case, there needs to be careful consideration, prior preparation, dog-proofing the house, evaluating the budget of raising a child, and many more crucial tasks are required to be done before getting a dog for the first time.

But do you know what the most crucial step is? And vitally the first step in becoming a paw parent? Knowing which one to get and why to get it. Do you know that there are some breeds of dogs that are not very suitable for first-time owners? And do you know that there is also a list of recommended breeds for first-time owners?

20 Best Dog Breeds For First-Time Owners

1. Golden Retriever

One of the sweetest dogs for first-time owners who get highly comfortable in an environment, a golden retriever might be the best dog for you.

2. Shih Tzu

Being a dog that is small in size, Shih Tzu suits well for any family type. They are also a fantastic companion to human beings.

3. Lhasa Apso

Like Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso also has almost the same visible size and is very much recommended for beginner parents.

4. Pug

One of the easiest dogs to care of, pugs are highly friendly, cute, active, and loving dog breed to own.

5. Spitz

While Japanese Spitz is great for first-time owners, German Spitz might not be the best choice. Though this German Spitz is a great dog to own, you should opt for the Japanese ones if you are a beginner.

6. German Shepherd

Known for getting top scores in the list of intelligence and obedience, the German Shepherd is again a brilliant choice for the first-timers.

7. Dachshund

If you live alone or with a partner, Dachshund is a requirement for you. They are delicately adorable, and due to their small size, they don’t take much of your house’s space.

8. Chihuahua

Known for their sharpness and cuteness, Chihuahua is a great first-time pet. They are small, require fewer grooming sessions, and are also accommodated as excellent watchdogs.

9. French Bulldog

One of the best choices for first-time owners, French Bulldog requires fewer grooming sessions, exercise, training, etc., and is even small in size. Also, they will make you laugh all day long.

10. English Bulldog

A great companion to own, English Bulldogs have a beautiful attitude and aren’t such a handful. They are a great family fog too.

11. Poodle

Poodles have a great temperament and are very much suited for beginners. They come in variants in sizes, and you can get one as per your preference.

12. Papillon

Though not much of a cuddly dog, papillons are an active breed to have. They are just too much cute and will love you a lot.

13. Beagle

Again, a tremendous first-time pet, Beagle, is social and is easy to train and groom. They are quite affectionate towards their owners.

14. Boxer

If you have a thing for body-building and exercising, boxers could save your visits to the gym. They need a good amount of training and exercising; hence they will keep you fit.

15. Pomeranian

One of India’s most famous dog breeds, you can not go wrong with a Pomeranian even if you are a first-time owner. They are sweet, loving, and loyal pet.

16. Labrador

Labrador Retrievers are a fantastic family dog and even better for beginners. They are not much big or even much small in size.

17. Mixed breed

While many have distinct opinions about mixed breeds, they are just as capable of being the best pet if you are a mere beginner.

18. Maltese

They are pretty cheerful pets. They will love you and be even more possessive about you. Also, they are way too cute.

19. Rottweiler

If you don’t have many kids at home, Rottweilers could be an excellent pet for you. They can also be fantastic guard dogs.

20. Great Dane

Great Danes are not only a perfect first-time pet to have, but they also can be a good roommate. Hence, they are highly recommended if you are a bachelor and live alone, as they will give you a good vibe of a roommate.

All the dog lovers, here is your chance to get a paw-buddy. Get your home ready for a beautiful little angel. NOW!


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