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14 Benefits of Having Dog Sibling

Well, if this line sounds familiar to you, then welcome, you’ve boarded a dog sibling club. Here are a few things you’ll find relatable about the bond you share with your buddy and what makes your relationship totally pawsome.

14 Benefits of Having Dog Sibling

1. You Feel Adopted In Your Own House

This is the first thing you experience when your parents adopt a new sibling. And it’s not their fault too, who in this world has ever been spared with those puppy eyes? They’re your parents’ favorite, and ugh, the smirk they give you when they get more love from mom and dad but they still are considered the “innocent ones”.

2. Partner In Crime (Always? Always)

Have you got a disturbing neighbor who keeps telling you to lower your music? Your dog’s got your back. All you need is a dog your neighbor’s front door and your dog wanting to pee (OH YEAAHH).

3. They Never Receive Punishment

You just can’t. Because bet it, you can never win this face. Their puppy eyes melt every known anger. Doesn’t it?

4. Priorities Change And Shift To Your Furry Bestie

“Did you give Lacey food?” “Are you done taking Googly for a walk?” “Did you take Bosco for his routine vet check?” These are some questions you hear more than anything. This sibling of yours is entirely dependent on you to take care of him/her. Even when you come home from school/work, the first thing you do is converse with your dog about how his/her day went. Am I right or am I right?

5. You Have To Share Stuff

From parent’s love, attention, your room to *coughs* your personal space, and they are EVERYWHERE. Are you trying to find your socks? Well, the wardrobe might not be the right place to see it, go to where your dog is.

6. Either Puppies Or Big Puppies

Yes, they are always babies. It doesn’t matter how much they grow, and they will always remain our babies.

7. You Become More Responsible

You learn to cook for them; you learn how to clean, take care, and be more responsible. But in the end, you love taking care of them.

8. They Are Your Therapists

Dogs have this magic in them; they’re instant mood lifters. Even science supports us here. In the US, dog therapists are a thing. Scientific research says there is a pawsitive relation between petting a dog and happy moods.

9. It’s The End Of The World When They Fall Sick

It’s like all of a sudden, and there’s no excitement for dirty socks, nobody to chew the over-chewed plastic bottles. When sick, it is so sad to see them not be excited about food or walks *cries with a heavy heart*.

10. Learn To Find Happiness In Little Things

I mean, “how can someone be so silly to be happy by catching their tail?” I ask myself while happily watching my dog catch her tail. Anything and everything can make dogs happy. Be it a plastic bottle, socks, bread sides (of course, you and your dog are a team to finish the pizza).

11. Cuddle Buddies

When you have a dog sibling, you make the best cuddle team with your little one. You guys have night stays daily, and every sleep is a good sleep when you have a fur ball who’ll comfort you.

12. They’ve Always Got Your Back

Your fur buddy might be all goofy and playful until it’s time to be your hero. It’s as if dogs come with this anti-violence built-in system within them. They resist violence. So they protect you when your parents are shouting at/scolding you by stopping them or anyone for that matter who tries to hurt you. This makes us love them more and more, and we know we can count on them.

13. They Know Your Secrets

Ended your relationship, and your mom and dad have no idea? But there is someone who knows your secrets, who is all pumped up to lick the sadness out of you.

14. Unique Ways Of Expressing Love

You love how they express themselves. Besties always have their special lingo, and thus you have too. You have a special lingo that only you both understand. You know when they’re sad, jealous or when they want to play.

Someone has to say it, so here it is: Dog siblings might be better than human siblings. Their ways of waking you up *heart melt*. People without dogs are missing out on this one. These happiness puddles start with their jobs the moment they open their eyes. They’ll come to your room and greet you by sniffing you and tickling you with their cold nose. Honestly, who can resist this?


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