Inspirational Stories11 Aspects of life around you that will always keep you motivated

11 Aspects of life around you that will always keep you motivated

With the passage of life, people often tend to get more and more tangled in solving and resolving problems. To such an extent that they forget about things around them. Whatever goes on around us takes a back seat and just adorns the background in the story of our lives. However, we often forget that it is due to these aspects that we are always motivated.

11 Aspects of life around you that will always keep you motivated

1. Experience of nature around

Take a public vehicle to reach the workplace or drive your car. You will pass through a lot of trees and gardens on the way. But a lot of times you simply ignore them. This is why we fail to embrace them. If you spend a few minutes of the day around nature, it will not only benefit your breathing and health but also improve the mental state of being and keep you motivated.

2. Parents

Everyone might go against you, fail to trust you, and consider your efforts vague. But if someone will actually support you in all tough times, it is only your parents. They will always support your efforts and it is they who keep us motivated. A part of them is within us and it is this connection that keeps us grounded.

3. Life partner

People tend to mistake love and distraction, but above all love and care is the most motivating factor in anyone’s life. If you are doing any work or have a goal, your love for family and life partner will always play a role in motivating you towards the right path. Therefore, a supportive life partner plays an important role in motivating you.

4. Supportive friends

Friendship has been restricted within the walls of social media. But if you have school friends who have walked along with you since your childhood you are fortunate. Never let them go or forget spending time with them. Friendship is a gem, not just because it is important but because it’s hard to find. If you have a friend who motivated you, this might relate to you.

5. Humanity

Any event that has love, care and abundance always makes us happy. Humanity is just a word describing all the good qualities a human being has. If you see a child helping an old man cross a road it melts the heart. These acts of humanity that we often forget in order to finish our pending tasks should be revisited because it’s this that keeps all the humans on the planet motivated.

6. Acts of kindness

Kindness never fails to make us happy. The major factor that instills kindness is compassion, and compassion is always the reason for motivation. The kindness people show when you are in need should reverberate in your actions and if it does, it will always keep you inspired to go better in life.

7. Innocence and purity

Innocence and purity is the virtue of someone who is not carried away by the world and its negativities. People who are more tangled and busy in the external world are less innocent and pure. On the other hand, kids are said to be the purest because they are not distracted by the external world. The purity of a kid always motivates everyone and hence kids and other people who are innocent keep a person motivated.

8. Elders

Grandparents teach us lessons that no other perosn or book can. Their presence is not always valued by everyone. But as soon as you realize their immense knowledge and experience about life your experience of life expands.

9. Criticisms

Every positive thing around us affects us in several ways. But even the negatives such as criticisms also make an important part of how life progresses. Criticisms should always be taken in a positive way and converted into an opportunity to better yourself.

10. Your inner voice

Your inner voice is the biggest motivation. At the end of the day it is our own voice that guides us in the right direction, sometimes it is not heard due to noises around, but the best way to stay motivated and get success is by listening to the voice of our heart.

11. Society

The society we live in and the entire human community at large affects the way we grow up. If you have always lived in a place where people are kind and helpful, that is how you get trained. However, if life is a stubborn and selfish atmosphere that will be reflected in your personality. Therefore, society has its own ways to impact our lives and motivate us.

On an honest note, not all things that you see and perceive around yourself truly give you the right direction. A lot of them instigate your actions in a harmful direction. However, out of all these are few facets where you cannot go wrong.

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