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18 Amazing career options for women

In Spite of struggles, battles and rocks in the path, society has progressed to a level where women and men are at par. Today, women are making their presence felt at every place and in every field. There is no specific job that a woman cannot do or any field where she cannot step in. Indeed, the mark is worth applause.

Despite this progress, the general capabilities of men and women make them more suitable for one task than another. To make it easy for women to choose from the various career options available. Here is the list of paths they can opt for according to their potential and passion.

18 Amazing career options for women

1. Teaching Profession

There are people who hate classrooms, but a lot of others love to be inside a classroom and create a healthy learning experience. Teaching is an amazing way to change and improve the minds of the youth of the country and hence a great career option to try.

2. Freelance jobs

Freelancing has come up as the latest career option people are trying. Especially after the Outbreak of the pandemic, it has given the first gigs to a lot of people. You just need a proper skill set, it can be anything from graphic designing, stack developing, or content writing. If you own or are learning any of these, freelancing can be your dream career.

3. Job in the administration of the country

Being a civil servant is a position that gives you immense respect and a hold of power in the social sphere. The purpose of life for a lot of people is serving society, this is a great way to serve the people around you hence a desirable career option.

4. Lawyer

Being a lawyer is another to solve the problems of the society and being connected with the ground realities directly. If you hold control on speaking and are good at debates, law can be an optimum option to pursue.

5. Engineering

Engineering has taken a backseat due to various loopholes, however, the country lacks infrastructure and still needs the best engineers. If you have the skills to build and rebuild anything engineering can be the best place for you

6. Medical jobs

Doctors are the highest esteemed professionals in the eyes of the public. This is because of their ability to cure every malady. A lot of women are by birth interested in knowing more about the purpose of different organs of the body, hence for them going into the field of medicine can be great.

7. Scientific research

Scientific research has in the near past seen a lot of women participation. It has opened up newer avenues for research and if someone is good in academics this field is perfect for them as more and more fellowships are available by different institutions that provide financial independence to young researchers.

8. Social worker

Working for society can be done in various ways and being a social worker is one of them. Opening an NGO of your own or joining an organization working for the upliftment of various strata of society can be a good career option.

9. Using the skills set to create a job of their own

There are skills and talents which do not fall into the norms of the society. But this gives a greater choice for a person to explore more avenues. Hence if you have a skill that is beyond the conventions of society you have a greater scope and should build a career in it.

10. Being an entrepreneur

Self-made women entrepreneurs are leading the pages of every magazine. Being a problem solver is the key to being an entrepreneur. If you have the ability to solve problems and are good at building ideas, entrepreneurship can be your dream career.

11. Chartered accountants

Being good at math is not common but definitely possible and can be learned. If you have the skills of solving numeric problems with ease, you can definitely be a chartered accountant.

12. Journalism

Journalism requires the ability to reason and take bold steps. If you have the passion to know the truth of a problem, journalism can be the best option for you to unravel your career potential.

13. Nutritionist

India has been ranking low persistently in nutrition indexes. The country somewhere fails to provide important nutrition to all its population and it can be possible to achieve this only by the efforts of the youth of the country. Being a nutritionist can not only help you stay healthy and keep your family healthy but also contribute to the benefit of the country.

14. Psychologist

Mental disease is becoming more prominent than physical disease. The country needs psychologists and psychiatrists. If someone is interested in reading and learning about the mind and solving these problems, being a psychologist is a good career option.

15. Fashion and makeup

Creativity can develop a lot of passions in one’s life. Fashion and makeup is a creative activity and if someone is good at creativity and art makeup and fashion is an options worth trying.

16. Hospitality

Hospitality is attracting a lot of investment not just from within the country but also from abroad. Hence, it is becoming a hub for talented and soft-spoken people. The hospitality sector is a lucrative option for women as it requires patience and politeness which is an amazing quality of women.

17. Cabin crew or air hostess

As more and more people travel and take flights for their travel, cabin crew and air hostesses will be an option everyone would like to consider. Any woman who has good control over English and enjoys taking care of others can try this career option.

18. Follow a passion different from the above

It is not necessary that you find a suitable career in any of these listed above. Feel free to experiment and make your hobby as your career. It can be anything from baking or photography.

Every human is different. Be it men or women. Sometimes people are great at jobs that no one can expect and at things that are beyond the conventional norms, the key should be to follow a passion that also gives you financial independence and is required for the betterment of society.


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