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Detoxify Blood Naturally With These 13 Food Items

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Your blood does a lot for you; it transports oxygen, hormones, and much more to your immune system. It is cleansing your body systems 24*7, carrying nutrition to the body’s cells. We’ve all heard of detoxification, its benefits and it’s crucial role in detoxifying the blood.

Today’s lifestyle makes it all the more important to purify blood to keep various diseases at bay and ensure the proper functioning of the systems.

And what do you get in return for this?

Clear, glowing skin, free from problems like acne, dryness, and blemishes. No more suffering from allergies and nausea. An ample amount of white blood cells present in healthy blood, which helps fight various diseases and better functioning of your kidneys, liver, and lungs.

These reasons are fair enough to convince anyone. Aren’t they?

This article tells you about thirteen foods that help detoxify the blood naturally. The plus point is, they are readily available in any market.

1. Lemon

Lemon to Detoxify the Blood.
Source- Unsplash

Lemon can help in clearing the blood and the digestive tract. Since it is acidic, it is capable of altering the pH. This enables it to remove toxins from the body. Warm water infused with lemon juice helps break down excess fat from the body. So many benefits a lemon has! Don’t you think it should be a part of the daily diet?

Drink a glass of warm water infused with lemon juice first thing in the morning. It removes unwanted material from your body. Hence, an ideal addition to your detoxify list.

2. Broccoli


Okay, so start counting.

Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, and omega-3 fatty acids. All present in this green vegetable. One of the best natural blood purifiers, according to us. Consuming broccoli often is sure to boost your immune system, besides act as an excellent detoxifier.

Add more of it to your salads, or try adding it to pasta. Or keeping this aside, prepare a dish of broccoli marinated in creamy cheese and bake it. Whatever you choose, broccoli is a great way to detoxify your blood.

3. Garlic

Source- Urban AG News

Garlic is the most sought-after natural remedy that cleanses your blood. It is antiviral, antibacterial, and antibiotic. A chemical content ‘allicin’ present in it promotes the production of WBC. Garlic, my friends, is ‘detoxify central.’

The antimicrobial properties of garlic help purify the blood, and thus, your intestine is free from any bacteria. One simple thing you can do is to start adding garlic to your dishes. Health aside, garlic is a treasure trove of flavour and heightens the taste of any dish. If you are all good with the pungent smell, you can also crush it and drink it with a glass of water.

4. Beetroot

Source- Naukri Nama

The nutrients present in beets have a detoxifying effect on your liver and also reduces inflammation. The consumption of beetroots can improve any oxidative damage of the liver. Some of the studies have shown that beetroot juice helps to increase the production of various enzymes.

Add beetroots to your favourite salads or curries. If you’re feeling adventurous, prepare desserts with it and detoxify your blood in a fun manner!

5. Turmeric

Source- Times Of India

A power-packed golden spice and one of the best healer, that helps in fighting off various diseases. The presence of compound curcumin present in them is known to produce detoxifying enzymes, which further help in the cleansing of the blood.

Suppose you are wondering how to add it to your diet; add a dash of turmeric to a glass of warm milk. You may also opt to make turmeric tea or add it to various curries and while cooking meat to detoxify your blood best!

6. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Lafy Vegetables.
Source- Anita Wang, MD

Not a fan of green leafy vegetables?

Once you know about the benefits, you are sure to include them in your diet. The essential nutrients present in it keep diseases at bay, and the chlorophyll content present helps in detoxifying the blood. The antioxidants present in them help with the proper functioning of the body. Add lettuce, kale, and cilantro, etc., to your diet. Cilantro (coriander) leaves also help your body in getting rid of mercury!

7. Cranberries

Source- Pinterest

Cranberries are best associated with cocktails and juices. Besides being a delicious mixer, consuming cranberries means good health for your kidneys and your urinary tract! Cranberries ensure that your urinary tract remains free of bacteria, and will keep your kidney in excellent health, while also helping you in fending off any existing infections!

Adding these berries to your diet in any way possible goes a long distance, be it in a smoothie, your bowl of oats in the morning, or even if you are a fan of the latest viral food trend, “nature’s cereal.”

8. Coffee

Source- We Heart It

If you’re someone that can’t deal with the world before your morning cuppa joe, you might just be doing your liver a solid! In the 2013 Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Foundation and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd., studies suggested that drinking coffee maintained liver health and lowered the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer.

I’m sure no one needs instructions on how to consume such a loved beverage! Mix it up, but remember not to overdo it!

9. Fish

Source- Pinterest

It’s all about the Omega-3! Fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids are a blessing to your liver and kidneys. It lowers the risks of high blood pressure and is also known to keep the blood triglyceride levels down.

Tuna, mackerel, sardines, and such are omega-3 rich foods to aid your detox. If you’re not a fish person, just pop a few pills! Fish oil pills that is.

10. Water

Source- Pinterest

Yet again, water comes to our rescue when we least expect it. The basic element of life, water, helps to maintain the pH of the blood. When your body remains hydrated, it is free from any toxins. Also, it helps kidneys to filter waste from the body.

8-10 glasses of water will do the work for you. If you’re not a fan of its bland taste, jazz it up with some lemons, strawberries, or cucumbers!

11. Apples

An apple a day...
Source- Aesthetic Eats

While ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ it also keeps high blood sugar away. The pectin in apples keeps a check on your blood sugar levels, meaning a healthy pair of kidneys!

Eat it in a pie, slather some peanut butter on it, slice it or eat it whole; there are several fun ways in which you can detoxify and stay healthy!

12. Jaggery

Source- SPICEography

This sweetener actually cleanses your blood and frees your blood from clots. An excellent detoxifier that one can use in any way one wants to. Substitute your refined white sugar with jaggery in any recipe for a healthy twist!

13. Hibiscus

Source- eMediHealth

No, there is no need to stuff hibiscus flowers in your mouth or food to avail yourself of the incredible benefits of this flower that cleanses your blood and improves your blood circulation.
A cup of hibiscus tea will do the trick!

Detoxifying blood naturally is much more important for the proper functioning of the body. The above-given foods are sure to help in the process. Also, all of the mentioned foods are easily available in the market. Add them to your daily diet and get detoxifying!

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