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6 Causes Of Depression And Simple Ways To Overcome It

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Whenever someone utters depression, we shrug it off like we swat a fly that’s troubling you. But isn’t this one of the causes of depression? This ignorance and indifference bring the victim down like a fallen fortress. Many things can be responsible for depression, few of which are mentioned below, but they seem to be everyday inadvertent conversations. Be careful and be aware of the following things that might become a cause of someone’s mental destruction. There are many causes of depression, but we have listed out a few common ones.

6 Causes Of Depression You Should Be Aware Of

1. Constant Negative Remarks

Constant Negative Remarks
Source: Fabulous Magazine

Negativity, like any poisonous thing, is a nemesis of a healthy mind. Constantly speaking profanely or receiving negative remarks degrades the brain and tricks it into believing those lies. Some of the phrases – “You won’t be able to do it.”, “You are so dumb.”, etc. are said innocently and jokingly without realizing its impact on what the person might be going.

Just stop with your “It was just a joke, man. Take a chill.” People often mask their condescending remarks about someone with jokes. It is not a brilliant and smart trick because that someone is AWARE of what you are doing. It might suit your frail ego, but it is very wrong. So stop doing it.

2. Invalidation Of Feelings

Invalidation Of Feelings
Source: Medium

This constant fight to be heard, to be listened to, is a tiring and laborious process. To add more to the wound, if anyone unwelcome your feelings or alienates your presence, it is time to remove yourself from that circle. No one has a right to invalidate what you feel.

The feeling of “I don’t belong here” is one of the common causes of depression. Invalidation and unwelcomeness are two sides of the same coin. Selective groupism, not including in inclusive talks, shrugging their opinions, remarking on their qualities, etc. make that person feel unwelcome and invalidate him/her, which isn’t understood by people. It seems minimal and unimportant, but it is a huge, undermined iceberg below the surface.

3. Bullying

Source: Global News

Imagine if someone is continuously criticizing what you do – like on simple things such as reading a book, listening to music, sitting quietly, or the clothes you wear, etc. How will you feel? will you not feel suffocated? Or Alone? Or will you fight back? And once you do fight back, what if it gets physical? That is how ‘the bullied’ feels. You might not be aware, but bullying happens anywhere; in schools, colleges, offices, or even homes.

4. Unhealthy Environment At Home

Unhealthy Environment At Home
Source: Her Way

An unhealthy mind isn’t the only cause of depression. Messy surroundings, relations filled with angst, or the inharmonious behaviors at home also contribute to the causes of depression. We normalize these factors, categorizing them as ‘homely affairs,’ but they only add fuel to the already raging fire.

When the atmosphere is filled with constant and unhealthy fights, it steals peace and stability from your mind. It makes your mind cluttered, and you lose your concentration power. When things get rough, approach with positive thinking; it is momentary and shall pass soon. You can try doing meditation or yoga to bring back your lost peace.

5. Loneliness

Source: Unsplash

Loneliness is one of the common causes of depression. It is that dark matter which creeps into your life slowly and unexpectedly. You never know when the next waves of loneliness might hit you. Call your folks and have a pleasant talk with them. Be vocal about how you feel. Sometimes, bigger problems do not need to have more prominent solutions to solve.

6. Overthinking

Source: Medium

First, it starts with small pieces – are they talking about me?; Are they making jokes on me?; What if I am good enough?; etc. Then it overburdens you, and you start believing these questions. Before it turns out to be your kryptonite, feed your mind with positive thinking continuously by practicing self-care, boost your confidence by doing what you love, meet your loved ones, etc.

How Will You Overcome Depression?

Overcoming depression, though it seems complicated, requires patience and perseverance. But there are simple ways that will help you deal with these causes of depression.

1. A Creative Approach

A Creative Approach

Fill your clouded and despondent mind with a spark of creativity. Bring all the colors you can and paint a beautiful picture. Creativity, as scientists say, is essential when it comes to mental health. When you are engaged in creative imagination, it pulls away negative and sad thoughts, replacing any aching and discomfort to healthy engagement.

You can make a creative journal, designing it colorfully. Or you can do gardening, painting, dancing, engage in your hobbies, or try Mandala art therapy. Remember that everything seems difficult at first unless you start doing it.

2. Say Hello To Nature

Say Hello To Nature
Source: Mental Floss

Do not underestimate the power of nature. The soothing winds and the soft greenery take away your dismantled thoughts and help to lose yourself with it. Nature offers magnanimous feels; it helps to restructure your mind by attaining equilibrium between mind and heart. It opens your eyes to many good scenes, positive thoughts, and optimistic thinking.

3. Your Relationships Will Support You

Your Relationships Will Support You
Source: Entrepreneur

You do not have to take a path alone to overcome depression. Your family and friends are your support pillars; they will support you through tough times. Don’t retract yourself from them. Be vocal and vociferous when you profess your depressed feelings or thoughts to them. There is a reason why we say family is forever and why friends are a part of our family.

Depression may seem like a lurking monster under your bed. But that monster is afraid of the sunlight. The causes of depression mentioned above will help you to identify and be aware of the situation. Be a support system rather than a cause of someone’s pain.

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