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22 Ways to Turn Your Life Around

‘Happiness is a state of mind, it exists within you.’ You might have heard of various such quotes that ask you to search for happiness but never give you a practical sure shot way to do that. Well, wait no more because you finally have the practical guide to find your happiness through these simple steps.

Here are 22 ways to turn your life around.

1. Smile at the mirror

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Is the first thing that you do after waking up is checking your phone? Well stop that right this instant and replace it by heading over to the mirror and putting up the biggest and brightest smile you own. This will shoot up your day’s energy on a positive note and give you a boost of confidence that you always need.

2. Make your bed

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No, the author of this article isn’t your mother. But seriously you need to do this small task everyday. You might ask why. Accomplishing a little task in the morning will make you feel empowered and you’ll be ready to take on the challenges that come your way throughout the day.

3. Take the first 30 minutes of your morning, for yourself

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This does not include watching the number of likes on your recent post or reading a book too. Just slow down the rushing thoughts that come to your mind and think of a happy memory or visualise your day. You will appreciate the power of slowing down.

4. Call people by their names

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Yes, trust me this is a way to be happy. Well, you wouldn’t want to surround yourself with people who don’t like you or don’t make you feel included. If you want that you must make the people around you feel included and cared for. A simple way to do that is by calling them by their name. This way you can earn their attention, trust, and respect.

5. Write every day

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That does not include typing on your phone. Use a pen/pencil/feather and a paper. You can write about anything – your goals for the day, things you’re grateful for, affirmations, good experiences and memories. When we put our thoughts on paper they slow down and become more structured. It helps us to reflect on our emotions and how we think.

6. Say thank you

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‘Gratitude is the best attitude that one can possess.’ Oftentimes we ask people for help, but how often do we thank them. Well not really all the time. Make it a point to genuinely thank everyone who helps you no matter how small it is. That feeling of gratitude will help you for your entire life.

7. Resist the obvious

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If you do what everyone’s doing, you’ll end up like everyone else. If you truly want happiness then follow your heart no matter how crooked and unwalked the road is. Doing what you love instead of following everyone will always benefit you.

8. Don’t complain

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There are a lot of things in the world that are not right but your complaining about the tiniest inconvenience caused isn’t helping. Instead of being a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. You’ll be good at everything you do each day and that includes complaining. So rather be a problem solver instead of problem creator.

9. Don’t be the commentator

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It’s pretty simple to comment, “Oh! You’ve gained so much weight” or “Why are you so depressed all the time?” But you commenting on other’s problems implies nothing more than you being rude, as they already know about their problems. It takes a lot of courage to fight inside the arena rather than commenting on the outside. So be the person inside the arena who’s ready to face and fight against challenges bravely. Or else cheer for the people inside, as a little kindness goes a long way.

10. Work out everyday

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It is a scientific proven fact that exercising actually makes you happy and fit simultaneously. No matter what style of exercise you love to do- swimming, gym, yoga, zumba. Just get your body moving and you will thank your future self for implementing this beneficial habit instead of relying on medicines.

11. Ask questions

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Never be afraid to ask questions. Have the curiosity of child inside you and you’ll accomplish so much more than any other adult can. Don’t try to have all the answers, pretend to be the know it all or think you know everything. No matter how silly or repetitive the questions are, be unafraid to ask a question.

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12. Read books

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This is by far the best way to learn and be happy. Start by reading what you like. A comic book or a news article. Don’t run behind how many minutes or pages you must read everyday. Instead read what excites you. By reading books you can avoid the mistakes made by others and be more conscious about your life.

13. Develop patience

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Do small things like watching an episode on the television instead of Netflix. Or ordering you favourite burger by actually waiting in a line instead of online food delivery. These things might seem silly but they help you develop patience which our generation seems to be void of. This way you’ll realise that all good things take time and good things come to those who wait.

14. Know how to learn

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Never! I repeat never believe that you need to stop learning after reaching a certain point in your life. The world is changing vividly and hastily. The things you know now might not even exist after few years. Keep the student within you alive always to adapt to the ever-changing world. If you feel the need to learn something new, you might as well prepare for your failure.

15. Eat right

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Not your mom again. But seriously this thing can’t be more stressed upon. How you act on the outside is largely affected by how you feel on the inside. We abuse our bodies everyday and test it up to its limits until the day our body finally surrenders. Instead of torturing your body and money, learn to love yourself enough to treat yourself right.

16. Remove toxic relationships

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We form a lot of relationships during our course of life. Some are meaningful and worthwhile while some are not. Learn to distinguish between the two and distance yourself from anything or anyone that takes away your peace of mind. Knowing when to walk away from a wrong relationship is the key to respecting yourself.

17. Do one thing every week that scares you

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Learn to challenge yourself and jump out of your comfort zone. Take small steps every day by ticking off things from your list of things you’re too scared to do. This in turn will help you to become familiar with fear. Life brings a lot of unexpected events and difficult circumstances. You never know what it will be but you can always be comfortable facing your fears this way.

18. Eating dark chocolate

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Phenylethylamine, found in dark chocolate, helps to stimulate the mood. As a result, anytime you feel down and nothing seems to be going your way, indulge in dark chocolate, which will give you more energy and a happier feeling.

19. Petting cats or dogs

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There are numerous advantages to caressing a cat or dog. It reduces tension and, to a certain extent, aids in the recovery from mental illnesses. Thus, whenever you require a break from all the drama in your life. Within 10 to 15 minutes of talking to your pet and bringing them close to you, you should notice that you are feeling pleased and at ease.

20. Cooking

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Cooking can relieve stress and help you feel cheerful by diverting your attention from all the negative things going on. It supports boosting and elevating your mood. Simple foods don’t take much longer to prepare. Therefore, enjoying a dish you prepared yourself can boost your self-esteem and happiness.

21. Laugh aloud

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It’s true what they say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Watching some comedy programmers can make you laugh aloud and instantly improve your attitude. Full-throat laughter lowers tension, anxiety, and sadness. Laughter can fill your life with happiness.

22. Cleaning

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Can cleaning help you find happiness? Yes, there is an answer! It will undoubtedly improve your mood. Cleaning is a mindful activity because you are focused on the present moment. Keeping you in the present moment and thus make you feel happy and content.

These things may seem pretty simple or even useless to some but these little things are the gateway to happiness. So create your own happiness and own up to it.

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