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18 Interesting Indications From the Body to Help You Know About Your Health

Human body is the most complicated machine. The more it is used the more inputs it needs to help it in staying efficient. If not provided with the right nutrients and still used non stop there are ought to be damages and problems in the body. These issues when increased lead to severe ailments, nonetheless there are various ways by which one can know about their health before it gets worse.

Here are a few indications from the body to help you know about your health.

1. Abnormal Nails

Abnormal Nails
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Abnormal changes in the nails, like excessive whitening, shedding of the skin or excessive breakages are a few symptoms that you might be suffering from lack of nutrients or any other related problem. It is a sign to immediately get the body examined and take needed precautions.

2. Hair Fall

Hair Fall
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Hair fall is as common as hair itself. Everyone of every age is suffering from it. However, if the body is healthy and is getting sufficient nutrition, hair will also be healthy and after a seasonal fall in hair, it will eventually stop. If you face tremendous hair fall it can be an indication that the body is unhealthy from within and needs to be treated.

3. Skin issues

Skin issues
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Just like hair-fall, skin issues have also become a menace. The entry of marketing into this stream has further led to problems. However, skin issues are a clear reflection of the internal health of the body which shows that the body needs treatment and is unhealthy.

4. Pain in the joints

Pain in the joints
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Years ago, pain in the joints was a common problem faced by elderly population. But due to changes in the lifestyle it has become common to all ages. Most of the time, it is an indication of weakness of any type of chronic disease, which needs examination and treatment.

5. Bloating in the stomach

Bloating in the stomach
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Stomach bloating happens at times due to temporary conditions, but at certain moments it is due to internal health issues including severe liver and stomach infections. Hence, if you are facing bloating frequently it is time to see a doctor.

6. Improper sleep

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Improper sleep can not just be a symptom but also a result of various health issues in the past. It has harmful effects on physical as well as mental health. If you are facing sleeping issues, this might be due to various lifestyle related health problems.

7. Problems in urination

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UTIs are amongst the most common infections affecting mostly the women. However any one at any age can face similar symptoms which can be due to various reasons including diabetes, thyroid or kidney stones. Therefore, getting a proper check up if you are facing problems in urination is crucial.

8. Excessive weight gain or loss

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Weight gain or weight loss is again a common issue, it tells about the health quotient of the body and is an important measure when it comes to your overall health. It might be due to various underlying issues due to which regular checkup is necessary.

9. Indigestion

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Indigestion is especially due to a weak liver or digestive system. This might be a common cause of indigestion, but other than this there can be many reasons for digestive tract issues and can lead to serious problems like food poisoning.

10. Nausea

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Nausea or vomiting leads to weakness and is a symptom of weakness of the body and weak immune system. Getting a proper health check up is important to get this problem cured.

11. Loss of appetite

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Loss of appetite is due to eating a lot of junk food. It might lead to serious health issues and needs quick action as loss of appetite leads to further weakness causing many problems in a row.

12. Feeling low or less energetic

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Loss of energy can be a result of any of the above issues, whenever the body is not feeling good inside it is bound to be less energetic. However, if this persists it is food to seek medical advice.

13. Headache

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Headaches are common but often a cause of concern. Regular headaches can lead to migraine and other issues, which is why medical advice and change in routine is important.

14. Irregular periods

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Irregular periods are related to PCOS. It is mostly a lifestyle health issue, but can cause serious health problems if not cured on time. A healthy menstrual cycle is one of the most important health measures of a woman’s body. If you are facing irregular periods it is important to cure it at an early stage.

15. Bone weakness

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Bone weakness is the biggest sign that the body is lacking calcium and minerals. It might also be as a result of an underlying problem, which can only be detected after diagnosis.

16. Stomach pain

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Pain in the stomach can be due to certain temporary malfunctioning but if prolonged it might be an indicator of severe food poisoning or an infection, hence it should not be ignored and diagnosed immediately.

17. Muscle straining

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Human body is made up of several muscles and ligaments. They tend to get exerted during certain activities. The pain might get prolonged if not checked at the initial stage, it can lead to several underlying issues in the muscles and adjoining bones. Due to which an immediate health check up is mandatory.

18. Cough or cold

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Cold or cough are an indication that the body is cleansing itself. Although it is often told not to treat it with any medication as it can worsen the symptoms or cause severe lung issues. But a prolonged cold or cough can be a symbol of lung infection or any related issue, hence it should not be ignored.

Ignoring these warning systems can lead to severe damages. It is advisable to pay attention to them and take good care of your overall health.

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