Inspirational Stories14 Wonderful Ways to Motivate Young Kids Without Being Harsh

14 Wonderful Ways to Motivate Young Kids Without Being Harsh

Everyone needs motivation. A child needs motivation to walk on his own and write the first letter on his own. While an educated adult needs motivation to work and be successful in his career and life. But the ways we make people inspire and get motivated differs from person to person. Similarly, motivating kids is an art and it is important to know some basics about it as it always helps you in making a change in the life of a growing mind.

Here are a few ways to motivate young kids.

1. Play with them

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Kids like to play, if you are someone who gets along with them and teaches them while playing they will listen to you and move on the right track. You can try playing an outdoor game or an indoor game. Engaging in any activity like cooking or gardening can also help.

2. Make them trust you

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Make kids trust you. If kids won’t trust you they will not be able to listen or pay heed to any of your advice. Making kids trust you is the first step in motivating them without making them away from you.

3. Be a good listener

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If you don’t let kids speak and do all the speaking yourself, they will hardly listen to you, try being a good listener and your young siblings and cousins will always love to be around you.

4. Connect and involve in activities they like

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If you persuade kids to do anything they don’t like, they will be reluctant and avoid you and everything you tell them to do. Try making fun activities they like more educating and interesting, this will neither make them monotonous nor prevent your involvement.

5. Keep them away from gadgets without making them aware

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If a child knows that your actions are against their favorite activity it will be hard to motivate them. Keep them away from gadgets as it not just provides distraction but also prevents mental growth. This gives you scope to motivate them in doing activities that are beneficial for the growth of young kids without them being impacted negatively by it.

6. Help in building good habits

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Helping to build good habits is the easiest and most comfortable way of motivating a child. Make them aware of the importance of good habits and help them in inculcating one.

7. Involve fun in learning

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Involving fun in learning is necessary as boring things are never attractive especially for kids. Involving an element of fun and joy can make learning more creative and interesting.

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8. Make them realize the importance of nature

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A child who is responsible towards nature will always be more careful with regards to his actions. They will value things and never indulge in activities that are harmful for nature.

9. Remember that kids are experts at grasping

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Your siblings and kids will grab what you do. They are immensely fast at grasping and can even grasp any negative action. Therefore, it is advised to not commit any negative action in front of young kids as they can grasp it quickly.

10. Do what you want them to do

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If you do what you would like your kids to do, they will definitely follow the track. Be careful of their actions as well as yours and indulge in habits that you want them to follow. For example, if you want kids to wake up early, do the same yourself.

11. Reward them with real gifts

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Kids love gifts. But the type of gift they are habitual to accept will define the type of objects and things they value. Giving an expensive gift can never supplement giving a real gift related to life and nature.

12. Be patient and tell them the importance of things

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People fail to tend to kids and motivate them because they get impatient with them. To be more connected with your children it is crucial that you explain to them the importance of things. Keep trying until you are able to convey the message.

13. Teach them to get up after every fall

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Perseverence is the biggest quality that you can teach kids. Failures are normal and to deal with them it is important to know that they teach us and are not really failure. Tell your siblings to not be bogged down by failures.

14. Help them decide and let them do it

Help them in deciding the course of action they should take but do not compel it. Try to help them in following the right path as it will eventually make them confident and strong.

Inspiring young kids will eventually help in building a great and better world. You can be a part of it by helping young kids around you to inculcate good habits and ethics by motivating them in friendly ways.

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