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14 Ways To Reuse Egg Cartons

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Don’t throw the leftover egg carton after the eggs are finished. Are you wondering what to do with the egg cartons after eggs are all eaten up and used?

Well, there are various ways by which you can recycle and reuse these cartons. These cartons are made up of recycled paper. You can re-recycle them by using them in numerous resourceful ways, such as for home decoration and other home improvements. 

Mosquito Repellent

Egg cartons as a mosquito repellant.
Source- Cook’n

With the onset of summers and monsoons, there is a sudden increase in mosquitoes and insects. Their bites are terrible and irritating to avoid that various insect repellents are available. The egg cartons can be used as a mosquito repellent and keep flies, insects and moths away. This is one of the cheapest and reliable ways to keep mosquitoes away. Just light the egg carton from one side and keep it in a safe place, put it on a grill, or drop some burning charcoal and keep it in a safe space, whatever works best!

Seed Starter

Egg carton seed-starter.
Source- The Pink and Blue Blog

Egg cartons can be handy for starting seeds and growing them. This will help in recycling the carton and aid in a better environment as you will be planting seeds. You need to fill all cups with soil individually, add the seeds, and add a little dirt on top of the seeds. Place the carton somewhere safe and keep watering the seeds in an adequate amount of water.

As Organiser

Egg carton organiser.
Source- Crafting a Green World

If you love organising things and need something cost-effective, then egg cartons can be your tool. Egg cartons can be very effective when used as an organiser. These can be used to organise anything from your jewellery to your socks. All you need to do is put your things in the cups. In this way, you can not only organise your materials but can reuse the carton as well.

As Storage Purpose

Storage units.
Source- Bob Vila

Are you tired of organising your daily stationery materials? There are various unique ways by which you can manage your stationery materials and other office supplies. One of the best ways is to reuse an egg carton. Egg cartons can be used to store things as well. Such as office supplies or stationary materials. Keep the carton on the desk and store your office supplies in it.

Paint Palette 

Paint palette.
Source- Playdough to Plato

If you love painting and drawing and are out of a paint palette, use an egg carton. Yes, you read it right! Egg cartons can be used as a paint palette too! They are convenient and easy to use. This doesn’t work for an extended period but can be very useful if you work on art.

Just fill the cups with your preferred paint and use it as a palette. It’s easy to use, cheap and tidy.

Store Sweet Treats 

Storing sweet treats.
Source- Cheryl’s Cookies

Nowadays people use various ways to gift greetings and presents to someone. Using unique ideas such as recycling egg cartons and filling them with sweets can be a great initiative in reducing garbage. Egg cartons are an excellent way of using them as sweet treats. Even they can be filled with candies, lollies, and Easter Eggs as decoration and for presents. Paint and decorate the egg crate and fill it with sweets and gift them to someone.

Floral Vase

Egg cartons as vases.
Source- The House That Lars Built

Egg cartons are used as a flower vase as well. Just decorate the egg carton with paint colours and various other accessories and fold the crate of the egg in the shape of a cylinder and paste its end. Place the flowers inside the vase. This looks extremely beautiful and is an excellent way to recycle and decorate the home. It adds an aesthetic look to your home.

Wall Hanging

Egg carton wall hanging.
Source- NaijaGreen Movies- Music

Bored of typical wall hanging and want to try something new? Then egg cartons can be used as a wall hanging. All you need to do is paint the carton with your favourite colour and decorate it. Hang it on walls. This will give your interior a pretty good look. You can also hang them on the kitchen walls and use them as list holders too

As A Stool

Egg carton stools.
Source- YouTube

Whenever you are out of stools and sitting arrangements during festivals, gatherings and various other occasions or maybe you shifted to a new place and are out of furniture and seats. Egg crate can be your rescue source. Egg crates can be used as stools as well. They are comfortable, cheaper and looks beautiful as well. Moreover, they add an aesthetic look to your place as well. You need to stack a bunch of crates together, paint or decorate them and tie them up. Put a cushion on top if you prefer, and your stool is ready for use.

Bird Feeder 

Egg carton bird feeder.
Source- Mom. Wife. Busy. Life.

Egg crates can be helpful for birds as well. When your eggs are finished, don’t throw the carton away. Fill the cups of the crate with bird food and hang them on a tree outside your home and keep refilling it. In this way, you can recycle as well as feed the birds. You can fill it with various lentils and seeds.

Pencil Stand

Egg carton pencil stand.
Source- OnlineFabricStore

Egg cartons can be used as pencil stands as well. Just fold in the carton and paste its ends together. Place it on top of the cardboard and use that cardboard as a base. Your egg carton pencil stand is easy to make and runs for a brief period.

Egg Carton Canvas

Egg carton canvas.
Source- Pinterest

Have they ever heard of egg cartons used as a canvas? Well, you can use it for canvas purposes as well. If you are an artist and love to paint, draw and paint canvases and are tired of the standard way of painting canvases, then try painting one on an egg carton. It is fun; moreover, it’s a new way of trying painting canvas. They are readily available at home and are even cheaper than canvas paper. Egg canvases look gorgeous and give an aesthetic look to the offices, homes etc.


Egg carton lamp.
Source- Behance

Egg cartons can be used as lamps as well. DIY egg crate lamps are simple to make and look extremely beautiful. Just spray the crate with paint of your choice. Fold it in a cylindrical shape and place a bulb inside it. Light up the bulb and place the lamp next to your table or on a nightstand.

Candle Holder

Candle holder.
Source- living4media

Egg cartons can be used to hold candles as well. It can be used as a candle as well. Just place the candle in the cups and light them. You can even put melted wax and a thread inside the cups and lit them whenever required. This gives a beautiful look during festivals or even for various other occasions.


These are the various ways by which you can reuse and recycle egg cartons. This helps in reducing garbage moreover helps in sustaining the environment. Hence, next time do not throw the egg cartons; instead, use them in various ways.

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