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13 Surefire Ways To Nix Your Acidity Problems

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Pizza, cheesy fries, chocolates, waffles and a side of salad. It isn’t hard to imagine what most of our choices would be.

Unhealthy as it may sound, we can’t live our entire lives away from that which brings us so much joy!

But what after that?

Heartburns, bloating, uneasiness? Does this sound familiar?

Nobody wants that now, do they?

Acidity and all that comes with it makes you miserable and causes the discomfort of the highest order. As easy as it is to end up with the problem, it is just as easy to get rid of it, considering you know the right tips and tricks.

Given below are a few home remedies that will nix your acidity and stop the moaning, groaning and ballooning of your stomach.

Say Hello To Alkaline Food

Alkaline Food.
Source- Chatelaine

Alkaline foods are higher in pH. They help you to get relieved from strong stomach acids. Now that you are wondering what foods come under this category, here they are.

Bananas– Add these to your daily diet—a smart low-acid choice for you. The high fibre content in them helps in strengthening the digestive system.

Melons– They, too, have properties similar to bananas. Low in acid. So instead of choosing food that further aggravates your tummy, try melons.

Fennels– Also known as ‘sauf’. You can chew this after meals or as you prefer. You may also try fennel tea. The oils present in them help in curing indigestion and bloating.

Watery Foods

Watery Food.
Source- Foodal

As the name suggests, watery foods contain a good amount of water. The water tends to dilute and weaken stomach acids and give you relief from acidity problem. Some watery foods are mentioned below.

Cucumber– They are alkaline, which helps neutralise the acid in the body by increasing the pH value. Enzymes named protease helps in the easy digestion of food.

Watermelon– This watery food helps keep the body hydrated. It reduces pH levels. High in antioxidants and fibre, watermelons help in curing acid reflux by maintaining the mucous membrane.

Lettuce– These green veggies are easy on the stomach. Also, they help if you have acid reflux issues.

The best way to eat this is to make a fun salad!

Lemon Water

Lemon Water.

You must be thinking: how?

Lemon juice is acidic, granted, but you need all of a tablespoon or so to get rid of your acidity. The method is simple; add a small amount of lemon juice to warm water and mix some honey. This juice has an alkaline effect which helps neutralise stomach acids. Besides, honey is an immunity booster, full of antioxidants that help to protect the cells.


Source- Hindplanet

Jaggery, commonly known as ‘gur’, is famous and a favourite. The Magnesium quantity present in jaggery helps boost our intestinal health. Its alkaline nature helps cure the acidity problem. Try eating a bit of jaggery after every meal. You will notice that your heat burn will go away in a few days, and your gut will begin to feel a lot healthier.

Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves.
Source- A Certain Aesthetic

Basil leaves, also known as ‘Tulsi patta’, are no doubt the best option. Their soothing properties gives instant relief from acidity. You may either chew 3-4 leaves, or you may try the method below:

  • Boil 4-5 basil leaves in water (a cup or two)
  • Let it simmer for 3-4 minutes.
  • Sip it frequently. Its ‘carminative’ properties will give you instant relief from the acidity problem.


Ginger root.
Source- Martha Stewart

Ginger has numerous health benefits. Its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties come to your rescue when you often experience heat burns. It helps to neutralise stomach acids.

You may opt to chew a slice of ginger, or you could simmer it in water and drink up as juice. Ginger powders are also readily available in the market.


Source- Hungry Forever

The presence of lactic acid in buttermilk neutralises the acidity level in your stomach. And believe it or not, it tastes so much better when you add black pepper powder and coriander leaves to it.


Source- Pinterest

If you’re wondering how a filling meal like oatmeal helps with acidity, it is filled with fibre, and the best way to lower acid reflux is by consuming a meal rich in fibre. So if you’ve had a rather heavy lunch and can feel your stomach-turning, opt for a nice bowl of oatmeal in the evening to relieve yourself!

Egg Whites

Egg Whites.
Source- The Spruce Eats

NOT a whole egg, beware; egg yolks will only make matters worse. A nice egg white omelette is an excellent source of protein, which helps fight heartburns and lower acidity!


Source- Aesthetic Voyager

Seafood is low in fat and can be of great help in getting your acidity down. It is essential to make sure that you never fry it if you are consuming seafood to relieve acid reflux. Always broil, grill or bake it!


Cinnamon Tea.
Source- MasterClass

If ever you’re facing acidity due to indigestion, cinnamon is the way to go. Cinnamon is a natural digestive that will help subdue the discomfort.

Of course, this does not mean you have to walk about chewing on a stick of cinnamon aromatic as it is. All you need to do is make some cinnamon tea and drink it twice or more times until you feel the relief.

Cold Milk

Cold Milk.
Source- Pinterest

It seems unlikely, doesn’t it? Cold milk will subdue your acidity and heartburn almost instantly. One must be careful not to drink cold milk right after a meal. Drinking cold milk to relieve acidity on a full stomach will only lead to further complications! The presence of calcium prevents further build-up of acid. But remember, you don’t have to drink full-fat milk as it can further aggravate acid reflux.

Another important thing, if you don’t vibe with plain milk, don’t add your regular sugar or honey; instead, opt for rose milk or add some saffron to improve the flavour.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water.
Source- Indoindians

Coconut water is sweet, thirst-quenching and filled with minerals and vitamins. It is these same minerals and vitamins that will help you get rid of acidity. The best part is, this is something you can drink daily to relieve yourself completely! (It is advisable to consult with a doctor in case of diabetes).


Source- Auntie Dogma’s Garden Spot

Amla. The most common name thrown around in the home remedies circle. Gooseberries help with your hair, skin, general health, and of course, to get rid of acidity. Amla clears out the toxins in your body and is high in Vitamin C. You can eat it raw or dried, and either way, you won’t have any gas or indigestion!


Source- Verywell Health

Cloves? The very thing we keep aside in disgust when we find it hiding in our food? The very same! Not only do cloves impart great flavour, but it also helps you get rid of gas, being ‘carminative’. With acidity and gas comes terrible breath. Cloves alleviate both these problems in one shot! If you aren’t a fan of eating cloves with your food, crush it up, mix it with your food, or eat it all in one go! Trust me, you will feel nothing but relief.


Source- Verywell Fit

Here we are, back to square one. Of course, water helps you get rid of acidity. What doesn’t it do? This miracle liquid flowing from your tap can not only relieve you from the perils of acidity, but it can also prevent such an event from ever occurring! Drink the right amount of water, and trust me, 8 out of 10 problems will be solved, including that acidity.

Acidity is a common thing nowadays. You can’t eliminate your favourite food from your diet forever, but at the same time, is the discomfort really worth it?

If you find yourself in severe discomfort, return to this article; it is a total lifesaver when acidity strikes.

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